Mirror Seduction

He dumped me for himself!

Ever got dumped for someone’s better half, themselves? Suck it up! OK, truth. I’ve been dumped for quite the opostite; I was pushed to love more of myself. Now, at the time I hated the transition but after two months of being on my own, I truly appreciated the time off! Not all break ups are intended to scar you, maybe to scare you, but as you progress on your own, the next relationship is a cake walk because you’re automatically stronger knowing what can’t destroy you.


Ever tried jumping from relationship to relationship because you hated feeling lonely? Left a relationship feeling as if every man was the same? Hmm. Pause. The change here were the men but you’re the common denominator! You’re so caught up on blaming someone else for making you the way you are but when were people allowed to define your life?  Seems to me that you simply can’t hold them down because you’re too busy putting them down.

Yeah, yeah, I get that you were hurt and blah blah but have you stopped to realize
all the baggage piling up or was it not too heavy? With each bag there’s a wall, I can’t trust him – isn’t that the foundation? He doesn’t know how much I’ve been through – so you’re going to put Mike through what Shaun did because he deserves it? Sounds backwards.

Being in a relationship means being entirely vulunerable. It’s the biggest risk any investor can ever take. My hard earned $5 has to now be given to you in order to make millions. That person now becomes a link to you and ever decision you make reflects on you both. You can never just wash away pain, if it were that simple I’d be a professional hoe. You can, however, allow that person enough of the true you to evaluate their true intentions with you – that’s one of the hardest factors to decipher.

One of the reasons why relationships aren’t as successful lies solely with egos and pride. First understand, we were made for MEN and men for WOMEN – that’s what the stick and hole is for, duh. Treat each other with sensitivity and understanding and we’ll end up further than we expected. I’m five years strong and he’s annoying as hell but we’re equal.

Truth is, a break up may be the healthiest choice your fat non-commiting ass needs. Take time to build on and love YOURSELF. When you’ve grown into better skin, you’ll bring steak, courage, veggies, intelligence, mash, sensitivity, wine, just enough sass and rice, the core of love, all to the table – its called a feast. Now I’m hungry as hell.

Besides, breaking up with them may help theyre hygiene, they slick smell and you don’t know how to tell them. All on the count of people getting sexier after a break up.

Race You to the Top

Are you number one?

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions, “who’s number one in your priorities?” Well, a super fly dope forgiving laid back merciful dude; G.O.D to the fulliest, ya dig? Of course God!

Then the list goes on;

Ride or Die Homies

I know you’re all gasping oh how I put my boyfriend before family. Well, my boyfriend just happens to be predominantly proactive in my life but surely comes after my immediately family. A family is combined of so many Aunts, Uncles, Grandparents, Cousins, etc, all of whom exchange ‘hi’s’ & ‘how are you’s’ only when necessary. Friends I’ve known for years, that mean the world to me, can sadly be replaced. It’s a part of life but by being the last doesn’t mean they mean the least.

I believe priorities are important; they build structure, organizational skills and also form healthy habits. Its not a race to the top but definitely an abrupt realization when understanding you’ll never come before someone else. Talk about a slap in the face!

Make a list and prevent others from prioritizing themselves in your life.

Social Glass, Social Class (Part ll)

They say, we are the social media generation. It’s the biggest failure and greatest accomplishment in today’s vast moving era of technology. We now live in a world where your social status defines your social class.

Social media has broken relationships, given disorders and corrupted the future of young minds.

Relationships, you say?

Oh yes, my dear. They’ve defaced the meaning of a relationship. Liking a female’s half clothed picture – may result in your girlfriend tearing out her own heart. Dare to comment – a rivilary between you, Miss Insecure and your Baby Mama of four kids, has now taken over your life. Following an ex or accepting a request from them – automatically means you still have feelings for him/her. The biggest factor – if both parties follow one another, the world of DMs (direct messages) has opened and the private oh so censored, sometimes innocent, conversations basically forces you to commit suicide.

I could go on and on here.

The foundation of trust, respect and moral understandings have all withered due to the posting of pictures for likes, comments and emoticons. Facebook has even become depressing; not a day goes by without seeing a brutal beheading, every type of abuse, fighting, twerking or (if they’re bold enough) sex.

Disorders? Come on!

Introducing, SMAD (Social Media Anxiety Disorder) – the world of Internet Addictions, Unrequited Twitter Love (or UTL), Obsessive/Compulsive NewsFeed Checking & Commentitis, I’m sure these aren’t as real as society wants to make them. Without a doubt, we know that social media is becoming the cause of sleep deprivation, unhealthy habits, lost of eyesight (the need of glasses) & one of the biggest factors pertaining to communication barriers. GetMoreHere

Children are our future, huh? Goes downhill from here then.

We have children believing – love is based off how many likes a picture, preferably with filters, can get – if goals are not met, you’ve officially become ugly. The latest Android or iPhone is a must have. If your friend doesn’t like your pictures, they’re not a true friend. Losing sleep by providing an iPad to be their bedtime story. Should I dare continue?

We are the social media generation but are we ever going to move past this phase? Will relationships ever comeback with the darkskins? Will the next President be a man only seen through a digital screen? Find out on the next Dragon Ball Z…

Social Disaster (Part l)

Make up or break up. Publicity addictions. I’m pretty sure disorders are formed from social media.

Let’s start with this:

1. How many people have you met through social media?

Actually, a few. There was Andrew, who blogs and inspired me to pieces – still does! Then a hand full of people on Twitter who seemed to tag along to my Instagram account. Keep in mind. I’ve never personally met any of them.

2. Has any of your social media related friendships elevate into a real relationship?

No! Don’t get me wrong, my brother met a few people, including his now wife, through social media. Would I? No. Why? The way this generation, better yet society on a whole, is set up, I like my men visible from jump. Photos can be photoshopped and killers wear smiles.

Actually. I’m lying through my teeth. When I was much younger, I ‘dated’ a guy through Myspace and well, I don’t consider him anything close to an ex because our relationship was based in cyberspace. Sigh.

3. Can social media break up relationships?

Yes! The amount of shade, mixed with an overcast of filters and a dash of smart captions, I’ve seen on Instagram alone – I’d break relationships up myself.

4. How often do you check your social site?

If we’re being honest, more than I can count. Actually, I’ve come to realize I have a routine.  Checking it in the morning while commuting to work. Occasionally, three or four times, during work to take my eyes off the monitors. And again when I’m on the way home. Come on, its an hour and a half commute! Once I’m home, that’s another story. I feel like I’d be catching up for the missed 12 hours.

5. Could you live without being on social media?

Most definitely, I think we all can because we have the option; we just chose not to and that’s okay too. Social media was created as a distract from day to day routines. It’s when it becomes your only activity it’s a problem.

Time to ask yourself these questions and evualte yourself. I just WebMD’d you with your Social Disorder.

Situationships ♡

I’m inspired by consistently happy & visually loving relationships – all types of relationships! One of my funniest flaws bases off how I envy couples who seem to do the cutest things in the public eye. Hence, SEEM because truly it could be that ONE day, out of however long they’ve been dating, that they chose to post it on social media so the world could see. Now, STOP let me first acknowledge that behind closed doors and most definitely in the public eye, my soulmate & hunk of a boyfriend is one of the most genuinely love devoted guys I know – but he doesn’t like posting his life nor our relationship on social media! Let Me Explain, I know it’s for all the right reasons but people can’t see all that he does for me – I wanna seem cute too! I’m sure he’ll agree that, quite frankly, it shouldn’t matter however, sometimes to me it does – I’ll tell you why tomorrow!

Loving relationships spring waters from my insides grazing my soul – I think when it pours out they call it ‘tears’. I’ve seen pictures of clothes laid out on a girls’ bed with matching accessories, maybe shoes (the works!) & in my mind I tear up because it’s so thoughtful. I love, let me emphasize, I thoroughly enjoy to the deepest depths of my heart, dressing up in something that visually appeals my boyfriend. Now if you know me, you understand how un-girly I am (so not a word). Point is, I’m usually the jeans, white-t and vans type of girl but occasionally I’ll throw some heels, a dress and a spice of accessories in the mix.

Relationships on a whole should be so amazing, for the lack of a better word, that it leaks out in abundant masses where ever you go. If you’re all about love, proving it shouldn’t have to define that. Right? Right. Who am I to tell you what to do? How to build your relationship or love the person you’re with? Better yet, who am I to ask you to prove anything? (A bubbly joy-filled semi-psycho over possessive troublemaking girlfriend who knows what it feels like!) 

Winding down, I promise, the basis of this topic is simple: if you’re in a relationship – be it a friendship, a partnership, a family-ship, all possible ships – let them sail high and with pride because you are friends FIRST. If you’re not one to prove anything to anyone but the person/people that matter (like my boyfriend) then make sure the point is proven daily! That’s how we keep love alive. A simple text reminding them how you care or a $3 rose better yet, a dress laid out on her bed (HINT HINT BABY!).

Do for a friend what you would want done to and for you – don’t know how? Start with yourself.

Three Minute Man

She stood, oh so poised; unflattered by her surroundings – ready to reach her destination. Home bound – sorta. She watched people as they passed. Some stared; all of whom she ignored, too focused on counting down the trains approximate time, five minutes. As if her ears popped, the sounds from around her unmuted. Music is what she began to hear. Damn that shot of whiskey, she fussed. Her stomach bubbled with nausea, her body sulked from sleep deprivation – miserable. She watched a man with a bike manuvour his way through the crowd, finding a spot next to her. Nothing she thought too deeply of, just another man taking a glance – noticing her. “Excuse me, has a two train passed yet?” His words came out as easy as the answer. “No,” she said, which is where she should of left it, “it should arrive in the next three minutes or so.” She didn’t notice how clever he was at first, or at least how he thought he was. Silly girl, the time map was an eye distance away and he wore glasses. “Are you Caribbean?” Her reply formed from mere curiosity, he wasn’t unattractive but damn sure twice her age. “Actually,” she grinned, “Jamaican. Where did that question come from?” He smiled as if he won an award. “All the beautiful girls come from the Caribbean,” he stated matter-of-factly, his response as clever as approach. Three minutes – the conversation ending with relieving smiles. Fastest three minutes of her life, she thought, tuning it all back out.

Phantom Joy

I’m proud of the life I’m living. Proud to wake in the morning, shaking the last remnants of sleep, eager to start a new day whether rain, snow or sunshine. To look up at myself in the mirror and smile at the face that appears to me. Have you ever felt phantom joy? A burst of giggles and endless smiles. And in that moment, nothing but that feeling matters, even if it’s just for a fragment of a minute. Nothing but the way your eyes squint to accimpadate how your smile touches them, matters. It feels amazing, forgetting any pain, darkness or sadness for just those moments. Why not be proud of the life I live? I’ve worked too hard to get where I am. Guess each phantom burst is a reminder of just that.