I think I understand why they say, time heals all wounds. Time is the epitome of selfishness, waiting for no man. It’s so limited that even feelings within its brace are meant to fade as soon as life leaves from a fallen body. As slow as time feels to be moving, it’s speeding right past us to the finish line.  And quite frankly nothing will wait for me; not even love. So I have to keep going as swift as time. I have to shine brighter than anyone could have ever imagined. I’m next. I’m not runner up, second best, I’m winning. I’m in the lead. I am next. Seven months. 


To See as She Sees & To Hope as I Hope

She looks to me with eyes that gives way to the sight of a damaged soul.
Eyes that have seen and recorded the experiences of her life that have then such damaged.
Experiences that she has locked away to the saving of her soul.
Locked away but yet seems to be the eternal torment of her mind.

A mind that is tormented with every passing night.
With every passing night her restless body finds no peace.
Peace is what she so desperately needs as her body sways with fatigue.
A body that suffers in every possible disposition as her mental collides with her physical.

She looks to me and my resolve stands true.
True to the hope of the future we will build together.
A future built by the love that we have shared and will continue.
Shared in a partnership that we have made with our union to never be unbroken.
As one we stand against the wilds of her experiences, memories that taunt her so.
Unlocking, removing together the torments of her mind.

With each passing day we will grow stronger.
Finding the peace that is so desperately needed.
Finding the peace and gaining the strength to endure all.
With our bodies as one, no more suffering only serenity.
A bliss that can only be found in the love that we share.
I will be a part, do my part to end all mental and physical disparities she may encounter.
For as she looks to me, I am hers to look to.