It’s Not You, It’s Men.

This interview hits so many key points that I have also found an interest in:

  • How much does your faith to God contribute to your ideal relationship?
  • Will abstinence build a stronger foundation (or bond) during the dating course?
  • Do you consider waiting to have sex before marriage a greater risk (challenge) than the experience of knowing what to expect?
  • Does sex evaluate, compliment or overlook the lack of mental, spiritual or emotional stimulation?
  • Are woman’s need for validation the reason why some men fear marriage?
  • Do I love you more than I know you?
  • Is it true that, behind every great marriage is a great mistress?
  • Where do your commitments lie?
  • How does the concept of men degrading a woman any differ from women degrading men?
  • Is living together before marriage acceptable?
  • Would a different translation of the Bible change the outlook of the guideline of our faith and the understanding of love?
  • When did you transition from the being considered immature to becoming “I’m Mature”?
  • Why are men scared of commitment?
  • Are double standards the cause of men’s fear to commit?
  • Do woman give up on men too quickly?
  • What is your point of reference to what a marriage is?
  • How can you naturally know how to be something you were never raised by?
  • How do you identify what a wife is if you’ve never had a blueprint or point of reference?
  • As woman, are you ready to mentally, spiritually, emotionally and sexually hold a man does as a wife or are you just looking for a ring?
  • If you were stranded on an island and you could bring a person or a thing, who or what would it be?


Check out their show on Saturday, Jan 23rd at 9pm on the OWN Network.


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