This is a poem about nothing. 

Within the dark of the abyss, ones light is recognized. 

A light shown for all the world to see, a beam so bright filling the emptiness. 

As it vibrates throughout the atmosphere. Who shall hold on and cling within its presences?

Time enfolds within itself and space becomes a comfort to all those in reach. 

For in reach becomes comfortable in the space. And time burst without measure. How beautiful, the sight as our senses tingle.

Our minds form imagines and our hearts race from joy. The light consumes us and we were reborn. 

With all this knowledge what can we do? Our enthusiasm rockets off as satellites going to space. And tears that we produce helps us grow crops of mental food that is essential. 

We eat. We learn. We grow. We stand tall. We accomplish the impossible. We become the unstoppable. 

We conquer, we lift ourselves high. We triumph. For as we are reborn it’s just as a Phoenix.  

Burning brighter than the light within us, we become the light but emerge into anew.  We take form of the beginnings of eternity.  

For our minds are entangled with many thoughts, different views but each compliment others souls to live and learn, laugh and cry. With my outstretched hand I see you eye to eye, not to look down upon to raise you high. 

We are nothing but form into something. We become more than we could ever imagine. We become light. 
Written By Myself and Nikolai Wilds


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