Five months.

Well, I’m alive with smiles but memories of you still linger and manage to tear the stitches on wounds open again.

My palms are on fire from the rope burn I got trying to climb my way back to clouds we use to sit on, above all the sad lonely people we use to promise never to become.

Guess it was all wishful thinking.

Which reminds me, twelve days and countdown to a wish that’ll never come true. But somewhere in that blue house, hidden in that mind of yours, I wonder what’s new for you.

The greatest pain is trying to remember how it all happened. Yet still, I pray for you whenever this little heart of mine aches and misses you, I pray for you because that is all I can do.

And if you’re wondering, it’s still just me and me alone. Not that it matters or that it is being shown. I just can’t fill the void you caused or have found a love so deep. This is still your home, it’s your name that hangs above the door as I sleep.



  1. Looks like you still write. Good to see some decent consistency. Anyways, just wanted to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! You’re not on my Facebook no more, but I always know where to find you. 😛 Hope you have the greatest day Kemi!!

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