Made in You a New

Exhort yourself and form a new you.
A new flesh, a new being.
She said her skin felt dirty, smudged with sorrows and filled with gloomy memories.
Her dreams told of her past and her pain forced her into a better future.
She wasn’t ready to “grow up”.
Her daddy called her Princess and her mom held her as she cried.
“I’m fighting for a life to live, I refuse to just be black and die!”
Did I forget to mention she lost her name?
Her identity, her understanding of who she was and where she belonged.
She was a suspect in society, wrongfully condemned because of opposition.
She was sin.
She was all uncleanness from within.
She was poison but the cure stood right beside her, as death trailed also around her.
She was a lost soul.
But as she cried out, one last time, a voice called after her…
“It’s not over my child. Get up.
I am your Strength.
You are beautiful.
You are powerful.
You are whole.
You are generous.
You are confident.
You are blessed.
You are unstoppable.
You are determined.
You are blessed.
You are many wonderful things.
Above all you are a masterpiece of me, God.
Trust in me, for I have never left you.”


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