Being Good to Yourself

When was it okay to self destruct in the middle of a revolution?

Isn’t it better to keep pushing, keep fighting and aiming for the better part of the battle rather than slump and waddle in our own misery?

Fine, I agree, we all need a moment to suppress it all BUT pick your chin up, stick that ass out and stride like the Queen you are. We don’t need Kings, they need US.

Keep in mind that every curve we possess, are what they watch (like dogs) to sway and walk their way. We rule this world. It is the age of the WOMEN. Take this ship over and lets get ice cream.

When was it okay to miss what we never had?

Hope for what we’ll never receive?

Make this vow to yourself, you can do better and WILL be better.

Now shake that shit off and throw them the hell off.


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