World War III

When is enough, enough?

We’re all a bit, self consumed & insecure – all about our feelings, our happiness, our money, our business, etc. Willing to only fix what affects our daily routines. Well, maybe it’s not worth the resolution, maybe we want to declare war.

To me, anything that affects my mental, emotional or physical state of being, needs to be faced and dealt with immediately. By knowing me, you’ll agree that EVERYTHING affects me in every aspect and I hate to feel uncomfortable around people because I enjoy bringing laughter. Therefore, I’m always the first to initiate the process of conclusion.

What I’ve realized is most times we’re all on a defense, trying to push our point across but failing to understand the reason it all begun – failing to listen. Why start a war when peace bring more joy? So when I ask you, “is everything okay?”, it’s my clear way of declaring peace because when all is fair in love and war, there is no act that is too terrible or too great when you are going after the person you love or making war on your enemies.


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