They Killed Him

It’s hard being a Christian. Period.

By being raised in the church as a Pastor’s daughter, I’ve received a great amount of pressure. All of which I want to scream about! I’m all for God and His works but when it comes to being pushed to be like anyone but myself, that’s a problem.

Sit up straight. Smile. Greet everyone. Be respectable. Feel no emotion. Listen when you’re spoken to. Blah. BLAH!

Some Christians are the biggest hypocrites I know. They feel forced to live a life they simply don’t enjoy. Didn’t they read the fine print, “hard ships, pain, ridicule.” The number one reason why I love God is He allows us to choose for ourselves and in return, when we choose him, all He’d like is for us to thank Him.

So why don’t you get why God is so important to many? Yet, you’re stuck battling with so many interior misconceptions, failing to understand why we are born and how we truly should live. They killed God for healing, loving and sacrificing Himself for us.

What have you done for people lately?


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