Gone with the Tea

Minding your own business is an esstenial way to live a drama free life. Not only will you remove yourself from battles you can’t win but also empower yourself because when you’ve matured enough to walk away its a damn achievement. Get yourself some cookies.

Again, referring to this past year, little homie done grown up. I don’t press for friends and stick to the same circles every time. Call me a loner but I’m pretty sure I’m old enough to know that I’m worth more than a petty argue and redemption points. “Miss me with the bull,” this coming from the ultimate shit talker. Over the years, my mouth got me in more trouble than my grades, outlook and personality.

Simply understand that if it isn’t your business, stay out of it! Just because your best friend sells drugs for Tommy and you find out that Billy is a pig trying to catch your best friend…OK, bad example. Point is, chose your battles wisely. If the situation has nothing personally to do with you, stay out of it.


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