Cross the Line

My biggest pet peeve, claim it as an on-going issue, is investing my deepest sincere trust in the hands of someone else to my own greatest extent, only to look a fool in the end.

My fear is taking someone’s word whilst feeling the slightest ignition of doubt but pulling through anyway just to watch how things play out. Perfect example, my catch of a boyfriend is so sure that if anyone were to approach him in a way that would compromise the boundaries of our relationship, he would abruptly abort ship.


This reaction doesn’t mean I don’t trust him but rule number one, he is first a human being. If I were to speak for a lump sum of woman dating an attractive man, we believe every other woman sees a handsome gentleman as a prize, especially when their taken. Most importantly, if you dated the man, in your eyes, a part of him is always yours – easy territory. Ex’s are so dangerous! Any slight notion of feelings on either party while the other is in a relationship, should immediately be cause to end the friendship. It doesn’t matter if one believes in they are capable enough to end things accordingly.

Women just think differently. Through personal experience, I tried to compromise the relationship of an ex, only because I wasn’t over him. In another case, I didn’t know he was dating but the little I did care didn’t a shift the situation.

How do you trust your power to do right, won’t be overthrown by another’s genuine feelings? Does trust start or end with conclusions? Do they beginning with forgiveness? When is trust enough? When is it time to let go?

I can’t speak for all women but for me, I trust my gut first; I know a sketchy situation when I see one.


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