Yours Truly

Dear _________,

I’m sorry no one is there to hold you at night. I know how cold it gets in your air leaking apartment and the steam heat blows just enough, every other hour – I hope that keeps you warm. I see the way you look at yourself in the mirror, it pains my heart when it isn’t always smiles but you’re still beautiful even when you don’t believe it. I think that this is the right time for me to tell you. I want to say the simple and plain truth that I love you.

I remember the other night I watched you crawl into a ball, you wouldn’t let me touch you, that’s when this all occurred to me. I think that if you let me, I’d treat you like the sky. I’d join up all your insecurities and bundle all your flaws. I’d create a new constellation and search for it endlessly. I know you don’t see yourself the way I see you and still argue when I call you beautiful. But all the things you can’t stand about yourself. are all the things I can’t go without. I think if you let me, I’d build an observatory, just to show you all the stars will never shine as bright as you.

I know I don’t tell you these things enough, if at all, nor do I reassure you the way you deserve but before I leave you here, my dear, my love, I want you to know, in every crowded place, I look for you.

Yours Truly…

Vous N’êtes Jamais Vraiment Seul


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