Invest in Interest

Everyone is all about the money, they stopped caring ’bout the honeys.

I’m so corny.

Ive seen questions that dropped my jaw and my value for people, “will you hit your bestfriend with a car for 10 million dollars?” EVERYONE of you said YES! I did. I love my bestfriends but until they can pay my pile high bills for me, that car will be a Hummer and I’ll be smiling the brightest I ever have, with the pedal touching the floor.

We live in a world where money talks no matter the color of your skin, as long as its real and green, you’ve got the power. (Yes, I did just sing that.) So why choose love? Well, I believe money eventually makes you lonely, love gives you comfort but when comfort isn’t enough, money gives you food, a form a love and many more.

So you choose but choose wisely.


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