Mirror Seduction

He dumped me for himself!

Ever got dumped for someone’s better half, themselves? Suck it up! OK, truth. I’ve been dumped for quite the opostite; I was pushed to love more of myself. Now, at the time I hated the transition but after two months of being on my own, I truly appreciated the time off! Not all break ups are intended to scar you, maybe to scare you, but as you progress on your own, the next relationship is a cake walk because you’re automatically stronger knowing what can’t destroy you.


Ever tried jumping from relationship to relationship because you hated feeling lonely? Left a relationship feeling as if every man was the same? Hmm. Pause. The change here were the men but you’re the common denominator! You’re so caught up on blaming someone else for making you the way you are but when were people allowed to define your life?  Seems to me that you simply can’t hold them down because you’re too busy putting them down.

Yeah, yeah, I get that you were hurt and blah blah but have you stopped to realize
all the baggage piling up or was it not too heavy? With each bag there’s a wall, I can’t trust him – isn’t that the foundation? He doesn’t know how much I’ve been through – so you’re going to put Mike through what Shaun did because he deserves it? Sounds backwards.

Being in a relationship means being entirely vulunerable. It’s the biggest risk any investor can ever take. My hard earned $5 has to now be given to you in order to make millions. That person now becomes a link to you and ever decision you make reflects on you both. You can never just wash away pain, if it were that simple I’d be a professional hoe. You can, however, allow that person enough of the true you to evaluate their true intentions with you – that’s one of the hardest factors to decipher.

One of the reasons why relationships aren’t as successful lies solely with egos and pride. First understand, we were made for MEN and men for WOMEN – that’s what the stick and hole is for, duh. Treat each other with sensitivity and understanding and we’ll end up further than we expected. I’m five years strong and he’s annoying as hell but we’re equal.

Truth is, a break up may be the healthiest choice your fat non-commiting ass needs. Take time to build on and love YOURSELF. When you’ve grown into better skin, you’ll bring steak, courage, veggies, intelligence, mash, sensitivity, wine, just enough sass and rice, the core of love, all to the table – its called a feast. Now I’m hungry as hell.

Besides, breaking up with them may help theyre hygiene, they slick smell and you don’t know how to tell them. All on the count of people getting sexier after a break up.


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