Social Glass, Social Class (Part ll)

They say, we are the social media generation. It’s the biggest failure and greatest accomplishment in today’s vast moving era of technology. We now live in a world where your social status defines your social class.

Social media has broken relationships, given disorders and corrupted the future of young minds.

Relationships, you say?

Oh yes, my dear. They’ve defaced the meaning of a relationship. Liking a female’s half clothed picture – may result in your girlfriend tearing out her own heart. Dare to comment – a rivilary between you, Miss Insecure and your Baby Mama of four kids, has now taken over your life. Following an ex or accepting a request from them – automatically means you still have feelings for him/her. The biggest factor – if both parties follow one another, the world of DMs (direct messages) has opened and the private oh so censored, sometimes innocent, conversations basically forces you to commit suicide.

I could go on and on here.

The foundation of trust, respect and moral understandings have all withered due to the posting of pictures for likes, comments and emoticons. Facebook has even become depressing; not a day goes by without seeing a brutal beheading, every type of abuse, fighting, twerking or (if they’re bold enough) sex.

Disorders? Come on!

Introducing, SMAD (Social Media Anxiety Disorder) – the world of Internet Addictions, Unrequited Twitter Love (or UTL), Obsessive/Compulsive NewsFeed Checking & Commentitis, I’m sure these aren’t as real as society wants to make them. Without a doubt, we know that social media is becoming the cause of sleep deprivation, unhealthy habits, lost of eyesight (the need of glasses) & one of the biggest factors pertaining to communication barriers. GetMoreHere

Children are our future, huh? Goes downhill from here then.

We have children believing – love is based off how many likes a picture, preferably with filters, can get – if goals are not met, you’ve officially become ugly. The latest Android or iPhone is a must have. If your friend doesn’t like your pictures, they’re not a true friend. Losing sleep by providing an iPad to be their bedtime story. Should I dare continue?

We are the social media generation but are we ever going to move past this phase? Will relationships ever comeback with the darkskins? Will the next President be a man only seen through a digital screen? Find out on the next Dragon Ball Z…


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