Social Disaster (Part l)

Make up or break up. Publicity addictions. I’m pretty sure disorders are formed from social media.

Let’s start with this:

1. How many people have you met through social media?

Actually, a few. There was Andrew, who blogs and inspired me to pieces – still does! Then a hand full of people on Twitter who seemed to tag along to my Instagram account. Keep in mind. I’ve never personally met any of them.

2. Has any of your social media related friendships elevate into a real relationship?

No! Don’t get me wrong, my brother met a few people, including his now wife, through social media. Would I? No. Why? The way this generation, better yet society on a whole, is set up, I like my men visible from jump. Photos can be photoshopped and killers wear smiles.

Actually. I’m lying through my teeth. When I was much younger, I ‘dated’ a guy through Myspace and well, I don’t consider him anything close to an ex because our relationship was based in cyberspace. Sigh.

3. Can social media break up relationships?

Yes! The amount of shade, mixed with an overcast of filters and a dash of smart captions, I’ve seen on Instagram alone – I’d break relationships up myself.

4. How often do you check your social site?

If we’re being honest, more than I can count. Actually, I’ve come to realize I have a routine.  Checking it in the morning while commuting to work. Occasionally, three or four times, during work to take my eyes off the monitors. And again when I’m on the way home. Come on, its an hour and a half commute! Once I’m home, that’s another story. I feel like I’d be catching up for the missed 12 hours.

5. Could you live without being on social media?

Most definitely, I think we all can because we have the option; we just chose not to and that’s okay too. Social media was created as a distract from day to day routines. It’s when it becomes your only activity it’s a problem.

Time to ask yourself these questions and evualte yourself. I just WebMD’d you with your Social Disorder.


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