Situationships ♡

I’m inspired by consistently happy & visually loving relationships – all types of relationships! One of my funniest flaws bases off how I envy couples who seem to do the cutest things in the public eye. Hence, SEEM because truly it could be that ONE day, out of however long they’ve been dating, that they chose to post it on social media so the world could see. Now, STOP let me first acknowledge that behind closed doors and most definitely in the public eye, my soulmate & hunk of a boyfriend is one of the most genuinely love devoted guys I know – but he doesn’t like posting his life nor our relationship on social media! Let Me Explain, I know it’s for all the right reasons but people can’t see all that he does for me – I wanna seem cute too! I’m sure he’ll agree that, quite frankly, it shouldn’t matter however, sometimes to me it does – I’ll tell you why tomorrow!

Loving relationships spring waters from my insides grazing my soul – I think when it pours out they call it ‘tears’. I’ve seen pictures of clothes laid out on a girls’ bed with matching accessories, maybe shoes (the works!) & in my mind I tear up because it’s so thoughtful. I love, let me emphasize, I thoroughly enjoy to the deepest depths of my heart, dressing up in something that visually appeals my boyfriend. Now if you know me, you understand how un-girly I am (so not a word). Point is, I’m usually the jeans, white-t and vans type of girl but occasionally I’ll throw some heels, a dress and a spice of accessories in the mix.

Relationships on a whole should be so amazing, for the lack of a better word, that it leaks out in abundant masses where ever you go. If you’re all about love, proving it shouldn’t have to define that. Right? Right. Who am I to tell you what to do? How to build your relationship or love the person you’re with? Better yet, who am I to ask you to prove anything? (A bubbly joy-filled semi-psycho over possessive troublemaking girlfriend who knows what it feels like!) 

Winding down, I promise, the basis of this topic is simple: if you’re in a relationship – be it a friendship, a partnership, a family-ship, all possible ships – let them sail high and with pride because you are friends FIRST. If you’re not one to prove anything to anyone but the person/people that matter (like my boyfriend) then make sure the point is proven daily! That’s how we keep love alive. A simple text reminding them how you care or a $3 rose better yet, a dress laid out on her bed (HINT HINT BABY!).

Do for a friend what you would want done to and for you – don’t know how? Start with yourself.


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