We can’t control time, fate or the way people think, act or respond. We can only control our behavior – our mental standing – the way we operate and react. 

At some point in our lives, we feel unstable; mentally, physically or emotionally. It’s due to this why we react in certain ways. If we are angry, we may express this feeling through rage. If we are loving, we may express this through words or actions. So on, so forth. 

Everything in our lives has limitations. Our lives itself is the epitome of a limit because we were born to eventually die and how we die is out of our control. If its meant to be, it will be. 

Relationships tend to be limited. All of which are temporary, until permanent measures. Which in today’s society, ‘permanent’ is used very loosely. Ex. For marriage, a permanent commitment, there is an option for divorce. 

So what do we really have control over? Ourselves? Yes, to a extent. We can control what and who we like or respond to, even though in some countries people are forced to marry. We can control how and what we do, even though we are bound by the law’s restrictions to do only things according to society’s rules. 

Again, I ask, what do we have control over? The question itself is completely debatable but the only solution I’ve came up with seems to have no real power at all. Our thoughts. Only we can control how we think, what we think about, when we think and even question why we think about certain things. Limitless. 

Now explain to me this, how powerful is a thought? The same thought that can be formed into an opinion, placed into a box where people can then CHOOSE to pick from, is still limited to any reaction or response. We are bound by the conflictions of this world, or are some just afraid to step over boundaries.



  1. Very True!

    I am glad you are still writing these. I enjoy reading them even though I hardly every share. I find it terribly hard to blog, but I am glad you have done them for years. Like reading a story in a few paragraphs. 🙂

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