You rest your hand on my heart, feeling my chest rise and fall to the acoustic rhythm surrounding us. We don’t speak, just listen. The rain patterning its own beat, sending chills down my spine and causing my crooked teeth to peep through the crease of my lips. It’s warm in your room but when the wind whistles and blows fall air inside, my body instantly begins to cool; the perfect mixture of heaven and hell. It all was; the perfect mixture I mean. Being here smothered into you as 0ur bodys embrace the butterflies we produced, was the best gift God had ever given to me; so I thanked Him. Your hand teases my skin, kind of the way a feather would tickle a child, a blissful feeling. We needed this, the escape. No words could begin to fathom how much you mean to me. No amount of drugs could bring me to the high you do so effortlessly. A flash of light surfaces on your face as God strikes the skies with His fury. Sending loud crackles, sounding like whips being slashed against evildoers, breaking through the clouds. “Sleep,” you suggested, breaking our realm of silence. “I’m right here, not going anywhere,” but my eyes were closed long before you spoke. In my mind, images of us begin drowning my thoughts. My body begins to numb and your touch becomes the wind against my skin. My eyes shoot open, like an arrow blazing on fire towards a target, to find you gone. Emptiness pulsating through my veins and my soul clenches with ache from the lost of her mate. Esperanza Spalding, singing the way she does, consumes me whole while the rain pats…pats…pats. I close my eyes, there to find you again, you whisper those words again, “I’m right here, not going anywhere.”




“Rest in Heaven,” I whisper to you, as I drift asleep.



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