Dear God

God, first I want to thank you. You’ve kept me close even after I’ve pushed so far away.

I’ve said this list to you time and time again, even written it down. Guess now I just want to add a few things.

My desires in a man:

First God, he has to love YOU more than he will love me but still put me above all that should come after.

His skin, be it smooth chocolate, hazel brown or vinalla, let it be clear from any markings that may not be satisfying to you.

His eyes, let them shine so bright with colors that may pass down to our children; hazel brown, green, blue or even gray. I just ask that he can see perfectly and his eyes be fixated on only me.

His body, let him be built like a warrior. A solider from the land of freedom; fighting for justice and peace. Fighting for love and everlasting happiness. Fighting to forever please me as I will forever please him.

His mind, allow him to think clearly. To pray to you before making irrational decisions. To come to me before fighting alone but to make decisions as the head of the household.

His heart, let it be as pure as a troubled heart can be. I know no man on this earth is perfect, so I pray for the closest thing to it. That he be perfect for me and only me.

God, I just pray that all of which you have in-store for me come to past. You know my pain, you’ve heard my cry and you’ve said in due time. Lord, I pray that you find the perfect fit for me. One that will do anything to see me smile or that will move mountains to heal my pain. So that I may be his rib, his heart will beat rapidly at the sight of me, his eyes is all I will ever need to see and his mind will be stayed on you.

I’ve given to you my hearts desires – the main ingredients – I will now wait as you stir the pot and add all the seasonings. Before all is said and done, I thank you Lord for he is amazing.




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