We All Have Firsts

He watched from the edge of the bed; her body laying still, curled in the fetal position. Refusing to move. It was the first time his hand met her skin with force. The first time he harmed the one person he swore he’d give the world to.

She laid there. Her breathing uneasy, slowly recovering from events taken place only ten minutes before. Her lip felt numb and tasted like blood; sour and the color of rust. He didn’t mean it, she thought.

Slowly inching towards her, he reached for her legs. She flinched, whimpering like a battered dog after a lost battle. He pulled away. “I’m sorry. Princess, I’m so sorry.”

In that instance, those words lost their meaning. A man with so much power, so much potential to love, became so weak in her eyes.

They stayed in silence for hours.

It was the first time he broke every rule….but that was just the beginning.



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