Ever noticed how we view our problems during the storm and how they appear after the sun arises in the morning. I guess when the skies are dark, so are our thoughts and when the light shines through, we find peace. Not only did I wake up feeling numb but I arose realizing that I chose to let go of the one thing I think was holding me together. Without it, there are only words and feelings, if they even truly exist. 

When different circumstances are caused by changes in your life, you start to see changes in the people who surround you. Watch for their flaws. Remember, at our worst, they may either draw closer to support you or push you aside to deal with their own “problems”. Observe them. Step back and do things a little differently. Wait for them to approach you. Wait for them to feel the difference. That’s how we truly know if what we’ve changed was the only reason why they existed in our lives for that period of time.       

Guess I’ve been stuck in my own thoughts lately. The idea of becoming too open starting to scare me, being too comfortable, dawned on me. I kept putting up walls I’d watch crumble. Voicing things that had no weight without actions.

None of that matters now, just morning thoughts. Scrambled emotions. What I am sure of is that God is still my strength, my focus needs to be on learning to trust Him.


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