No Fight – No Choice

“I’d rather watch you leave than chase after you,” she said, turning to face the door.

He grabbed her arm, his aggression now showing. “The only place you’ll go is in that room until you calm your ass down.”

“Clearly you didn’t hear me. You continuously lie to me. Do things to hurt me. You even have the nerve to do these things in public which proves you don’t respect me,” she looked at him, his expression unchanged. “I don’t chase men. I don’t fight for fools. I’m done complaining.”

Releasing her arm, he stepped back, raising his hands in the air. “Fine. You want to leave, leave.”

That was it.


Always believing that they allow us to make our own choices when truly, they make the choices for us.

No fight, just acceptance to freedom.

She grabbed her bags, which were waiting patiently at the door, took one last look at him, blew him a kiss and exited the door.

It closed.

She stood there waiting but he never came after her.

Leaving her with only one choice, to not look back.

Moral of the story: whenever someone is freely giving you the opportunity to leave their lives, take it because majority of the time, that’s their way of saying, “I rather you leave me before I have to find a way to leave you.”


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