He held her close. Tears soaking into his sweater. He kissed her shoulder; kissing all the pain away only to putting them right back. That’s when I begun to wonder how long he had been lying to me. 

No woman devotes herself to someone for years for them to tell her, “the bad out weighs the good and for the good we can just be friends.” Oh so because there is good, pity me into a friendship right? “It’s worth preserving,” you mean nothing to me. Your friendship means nothing to me. 

Because of you, I can’t trust men. I can’t love sincerely because love doesn’t do that. Because of you, my heart doesn’t know how to beat correctly. You broke my heart because you’re not man enough to love wholeheartedly, you’re not a man at all.  

Now I regret you; I regret us. You are the reason women hate men. You promised never to do exactly what you do. 

The saddest part of it all is, if you begged for me to love you again, my heart’s answer would still be yes. 


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