Love Lost – Love Found

There I was, sipping a medium hot chocolate in Starbucks near 23rd and 7th ave. Only to look up to find the most familiar gorgeous heartwarming face. It hadn’t been like before, his smile was different, his face slimmer and his eyes seemed so much clearer. It were as if he was reincarnated – a new being.

He batted his long lashed eyes and with the softest voice he spoke, “You look beautiful. How have you been?” 

In that very instant, my words failed me. I guess I was too overwhelmed with shock and busy consuming by his cologne. “Good,” I paused to breathe, “very good, thank you.”

We stared. This man – the same one who captured my heart not too long ago, what seemed like decades ago, was standing right in front of me and I swore my whole body was falling right in love with him again. 

“Marie, I know this may be sudden but do you mind if we have a bite to eat? I know this little cafe down the street that I was heading to and if I still remember you well enough, I believe you may enjoy it.”

I felt like a toddler, crippled and untamed, my hormones racing and my nerves shaking. “Um, yeah sure. Why not?” I managed to murmur while reaching for my bag. 

Instantly, I wanted to take his hand, have him usher me out the door and even protect me from the inside of the sidewalk. We shared history and lots of it, it was natural. Our love was once idolic and ideal – one our siblings would look up to. Until it became rocky and well, who we were becoming didn’t quite seem to fit were we were wanted to go. 

We walked. Small talked. I lost my footing a few times, clumsy me, but he was right there to catch me – like he always did. I found it to be so funny how we lost our way. Looking back at it now, a lot of things could have been avoided. Can’t kick old habits, I guess. 

Jimmy opened the door of the cafe, we found a seat and we ordered. He changed. Told me he was working on becoming a producer, making change where it may have fell. I respected it. Spoke about me finding my own way, working on novels and my adventures as a flight attendant. Life for us was good. 

“How’s love?” The words stumbled out my mouth faster than I could catch them but his expression stayed the same, peaceful. 

“Love comes and goes, still waiting on it to stick,” he said. 

It was the sweetest thing, the way we were with one another. It almost made me shed tears on what broke us apart. 

Time sped pass, the sun took her nap and the moon shared his smile. We relived our love. 

To this day I say, God has the funniest humor. How He works isn’t how we work, if He says it’s meant to be, believe me, it will be. 


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