Dream Me a Better Reality

It felt so real. Not the dream but the feel of the dream. It felt surreal.

Anyway, we were walking around the spotlight underneath a domed crowd.

Ball gowns and all.

My brother, hand in hand with his fiance, my parents, you and I.

We were royalty.

I bowed my head for just a second to find you on your knees on the next. Even in the “real” my heart skipped a beat.

The ring, my God, the ring.

It looked similar to this:


I couldn’t find the breath to breathe. I don’t even remember words coming out my mouth.

You just pushed it on my finger. Determined.

Are you still as determined as when you first asked my father?

The purpose of the trails we face in life are so we can weigh the importance and value of each goal we set.

This morning, I woke up with a knotted stomach and nothing from you.

Where is your determination now?

Hiding behind insecurity or anger?


 Guess that’s why people rather live in their dreams because reality never seems so surreal.


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