Words and a Smiling Face

It’s something about when I wear this ring on my left ring finger that it empowers me. As I’m working throughout the day I see many faces, all sorts of sizes but fairly the same amount of level mindedness. A gentlemen yesterday, surfing around for a while, starts to stares at me. Usually, I’m use to a weird smirk here and there. Well lets admit I’m attractive and I’m sure of it.

Any who, he stares, I smile and I proceeded with my tasks. Eventually, being as blunt and optimistic as I am, I walk by and say, “Hey, finding everything alright?.”

There I go, wiping down screens and he says,”How young are you?”

With a chuckle and a smile I replied, “How young, don’t you mean how old?”

He shook his head and asked yet again this charming question.

“I’m twenty-one years young,” I replied.

We then exchanged a few words about how he found me to be very pretty and how his age was rather old all of which we did with smiles and a smooth sailing conversation.

Isn’t it funny how powerful not only words but actions can be. As New Yorker’s, tourist sometimes classify us as rough around the edges, fast-paced, angry and inconsiderate. When truly, sometimes we’re just having a bad day or, well on most occasions, the tourist are just out right messing up the order of things (walking slow, mid-sidewalk stopping, etc).

All it takes is a smile and a little conversation, trust me, small talk goes a long way.

So here’s my one request to you – do yourself a favor, try it sometime. Remember, it takes more muscles to frown than it would take to smile.


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