Endless Road

I refuse to bow down to foolishness. I refuse to run into the arms of misery. I will give what I’ve gotten but never give all I am to those who don’t deserve. I love. I live. I breathe. I try. I fail. I succeed. I am a fighter. A true believer. I will. I won’t. I’m indecisive. I’ll build on what you give but do not blame me for my faults or short comings. Imperfection. Do not judge me off my wrongs. This is all that I am. All that I know. Teach me better. Misery loves company; just me and misery. I’ve given. I’ve spoken. I’ve tried. You’ve pushed. You’ve prodded. Yet I’m still standing. We love. We hate. We wish things would just fall in place. But we are NOT perfect. Yet I will still love you.


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