Your Heart or Your Hand

Don’t give me the world, only to take back the stars; I don’t like sleeping in complete darkness. I’ve feared losing my mind over “us”, while watching my heart sink deeper into…what ever we call this.

We live so unhealthily; clinging to idea of being comfortable because the thought of starting over scares us.

What a shame.
Or is it worth it?

We play blames games: more like hunger games, or love games.

“May the odds always be in your favor.”

Who can say what to make the other hurt the most? Or better yet, what can we do that proves we could care less or not at all? Rhetorical.

We say, “love doesn’t do this,” “love doesn’t do that” but I remember asking who taught you to love. For love is just a journey where one man travels to as far as Alaska is from where we lay today.

I just pray – since you find it unnecessary and “extra” to pray together – that God answers us because I can bear losing love; I just can’t bear the lost of a friend.