Sometimes love doesn’t always make it easy for us to hold on to but what is too easy is never completely satisfying. It gives us a taste; a sample of what we could have. Allowing us to devour the tip of the cone and then melt away like ice does in the sun. However, the taste still lingers; love is forever in the air.

No one on this earth surface is perfect, be it man, woman, cat or dog; we all have flaws. It’s how we use the gifts that we possess to define who we really are. Now, I believe it’s time to ask ourselves what matters the most in our lives. Are we giving selflessly; without expectations? Are we accepting the love that we receive or is it still not enough?

Sit down and ask yourself these questions: What are my life goals? Where do I need to be, desire to be? Finally, do the people in my lives fit gracefully? If not, there is where we start with a change. Let go of what we can not see in our future. Build on what our hearts desire. Remember love doesn’t have to be seen to understood; once we’ve had a taste of it, it never leaves.


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