Silence Speaks Louder than Words

So now you’re giving me silent treatment. Why? Because you’re too much of a bitch to answer to something as simple as a text message. What? Are you afraid that I may ask questions like what’s her social security number and birthday or was it even a female? If nothing was wrong you wouldn’t be running, hiding or dodging me. But you dare to try talking to me when all you’ve been doing is ignoring me, seriously? What happened to, call me if you need anything, call me if you’re in danger. Mister, I want to save and rescue you because I love you. I told you love wasn’t enough so here you are, ignoring me. Fine, I’ll play this game. You want to move on, then I’ll move on. Is that what you’re screaming at me loud and clear? No problem. You’re still a little bitch for not being about to say that to me. Now forward me this post so I know you read it, that’s what you’re good for. Nothing. 


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