Oh so you want more? More. That’s funny. Don’t think that because you can spare me change and pity drive me that you, “rock my world.” You’re not man enough to tell me what “more” you want but yet you demand for more. MORE?! What more do you want? Last I checked you’re not the one with the issues and as much as I know my problems could be worst, it’s still my life. So what, you listen and sometimes may dish out a few sympathetic, “I’m here for you, call me when you need me,” but you can’t just be a friend because you NEED more. How pathetic is that? Men don’t get it. They feel as if we should just tag along for the ride, shut our mouths, give them blow jobs, no matter how disgusting it teases or smells and an occasional woohoo while never complaining about our petty problems because nothing else matters but their insecured egos. No you’re not enough, you’re still pathetic but I don’t regret loving you because as much as you’re self centered and insecure, you have a kind heart and it still fits mine. But you know what buddy, go screw yourself! I know this may mean that Saturday is cancelled and I’m never suppose to call you if I’m stranded and alone in a dark alley but I’m a BIG girl. You don’t feel like appreciate you, then go ahead, think what you may but I know what I feel and by all means I’m so tired of trying to live for others and making others happy when I can’t even find peace and happiness for myself without someone like you trying to tear it apart. Go stuff MORE up your ass.


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  1. I’ve preferred animals, trees, rocks and flowers to humans all my life. In all honestly, I don’t like most humans, and especially don’t like the nature of humans. In my opinion, through history humans have illustrated that they are cruel, violent, power-hungry, corrupted, narrow-minded, selfish beings with no regard for anyone who is not like them. From time to time I do see good in humans, I see good deeds and kindness, and it really feels great to see because it gives me hope for human kind, but that is so rare nowadays.

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