The answer isn’t that I’m just tired because what’s wrong can’t be fixed with just sleep. It’s the emptiness; it’s back and its causing me to lose my humanity. My strength. People wonder why I never share my pain; my story. It’s simply because no one has ever cared enough to ask the right questions. Those who do, don’t truly listen. Nor can they ever fix it. I’m broken, not depressed, or lonely but broken. Tampered beyond repair and my fear is that no one will ever be able to fix me permanently. He might….but that’s another chapter. I’ve begged God to make it stop, make it all go away because it’s so much and I’m so small but He always tells me it’s okay, that nothing this world has handed me is too much to bear. Be strong. Hold on.

My reply, God I’m tired.


So I guess I’ll just sleep and think about it in the morning.


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