Crimson Rivers

The hollowness within her gut was filled with pain and darkness; not butterflies. She covered her tears, masking her true identity, with shades of laughter, glee and made-up memories. She stood, lashing the air with curses, tormented by the girl who taunted her in the mirror whispering, “Sooner or later, the truth will come out.” The truth. She feared it would stream out her eyes like rivers of crimson blood that stained her white dress. Purity raped by Sin. She hid; dashing over mountains and through oceans like a thief in the night. Her vision blurred, her thoughts clouded. She tumbled over sorrows, broken promises and all hope that was lost. Cry me a river; a river that reeked of blood and burned like acid. She begged for mercy but like Satan, she was shunned and sent to a place where no man dared to enter…on purpose. 

“Anyone out there?”

“Can anyone hear me?”

“Please save me from these crimson rivers.”


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