I don’t want to leave his sight. The way his eyes searches my face, searching for what lies beneath skin and bone….he wants answers. His hopes for another day like today hangs by dangling threads around a curious cat waiting to be tugged; silently pleading to the heavens above for more days of this everlasting love. My escape dwells in the depth of his heart, as it’s beats perform a song only my soul can conduct. He slurs, mumbling compassionate words transporting me into a world of only him; my hero. Just by lying here, on him, he controls me. Finding myself drifting in thoughts so far gone that if the earth were to shake and the stars were to dim; I’d be too busy in his eyes or tumbling within the sheets of passion and lashes of sin…to dare to care. Fine. I’ll say it….I love him. Him..for making me who I am, for how I feel; my strength standing tall like hundreds of soldiers ready for battle. Strong. Firm. Determined. HIM…he is my answer, my reason for loving more than just the idea of love but for being deeply infuriated with the little things life brings like the early dawning. In love with my own freckled skin. The way he tangles my fingers in-between his, tugging away only to clasp them back oh so tightly back between his. Him. Yes, call me selfish, obsessed or out of control but this love is too deep to share because he spoils me. If I could wish anything under the stars of this earth, I would wish for him and I not to be one forever but for us to die and meet again so that I could relive this love with him all over again.


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  1. Despite this, we still come across people who are mean, arrogant, egotistical and selfish. Encounters with such people leave us feeling hurtful and used to a great extent. Moreover, if one is a sensitive person with a soft heart, then such associations might give them hard-to-forget, distressing experiences. One or two such experiences would surely leave us flabbergasted and we would wish to stay away from such people in the future.

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