Stuck Like Glue

It’s not the writing I miss, it’s the expressions I profess through words that I type stroke by stroke during heart clenching moments; that’s what I miss. Lately, life’s been a bitch…but I’ve reached the conclusion that proved I’ve put up with her shit waaaaay to long; sent her packing until….well, until whenever she shows up again to show some respect. After she left, I went looking for something familiar; old but new…used but never abused, just been teased a bit (if you know what I mean). There it was. I found it staring at me like I was a pole between a strippers legs, long, hard and cold; love at first sight some may say. You know what I mean, that feeling….yeah, the one you get when you see him…or her, for the first time or after a long while of brutal solitary; or jail if you get down like that. Those bubbles that pop…pop…pop…when he (she) strides in like a King (Queen) and smiles in your direction as if you’re a bag of money waiting to be stolen out a rigged ATM. That face, his (her) face, makes your heart patter like it’s struggling to recoup from a long jog down an eight mile road…ya damn near dead by now. Giggles shoot down your spine and frustrates you the way Mimes do with their stupid muted tricks. First love. See I knew it wasn’t lost but boy does it know how to play a mean ol’ game of hide and seek. And maybe…just maybe…I’ll set a trap for that lil ol’ bastard and swallow it  so we can stick together forever.


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  1. The one thing I cannot stand about flying is the recycled air. The thought of breathing in other peoples airy excretions makes my skin crawl and more than once have I felt a little ill during and after a flight (and it’s not because of the plane food!). Unfortunately, we have to breathe and taking our own air supply on board is not exactly the ‘done thing’!

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