Flaws Create Perfection

I can’t be someone I’m not nor shall you plead for such a person to exist. The words I speak will at times hurt; they won’t be pretty or be said solely with your feelings in mind. My mouth won’t always be formed to make a smile and my eyes may unwilling leak a few tears. I will repeatedly say, “I’m fine” or “I’m a big girl” because I’ve been taught that the words we speak are brought to life. That does not mean that you let go of my hand and force me to walk alone…I need you. I get grumpy when I’m hungry and fuss like a child when I fight sleep. I live for attention, your attention, and when I don’t get it I play Sims or call friends. There are times when I hate you but more afraid that you’ll walk away. I love gifts but don’t know how to accept them. I’d give gifts but you’re so damn picky. Sometimes I feel unattractive, although you fill my ears with compliments and my eyes bear witness, my heart won’t always accept it. I want babies that look like us, the perfect mixture of your big eyes and my high cheek bones. I talk to myself, in full-blown conversations, and I enjoy it dammit. Look, I love you. Sometimes I can’t explain why but millions can agree that no one truly knows the true meaning of love.


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