Wait No More

Rarely do I depend on you to make things right. When push comes to shove, I am always the one trying to fix situations. Always the one to attempt to talk it through and make us better. It is always you who, runs and hides, asks for time and pulls away like I’m a demon attacking your soul. It’s like God spoke to me last night but I not sure of the answer yet. I believe He said wait but not too long. My mother and I spoke, God knows I appreciate her, made me feel better in ways you never attempt to by just talking. You get frustrated and swear that this cant be what you want in life, but yet you call this love (LMAO). I have come to the conclusion that I wont be the only one fighting all the time, nor will I wait on you to make decisions. YOU CAN’T. If you can’t fall through on decisions you try to make on your own life, why depend on you for the fate of us both. I am supported you. I have loved you more than words can explain but love does not pay the bills. Time and time again I have explained to you that I would work hard just to make things right, what are you willing to do? These are always your answers, “whatever you want to do,” “I don’t know,” when do you ever? You can not blame me for where you lack as a human, I have made it my duty to stand by you through it all and people can attest to that. Where’s your proof? I will be waiting but I will not be waiting long.


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