Last Stop – Love

I use to always think that smothering a person after a argument  would fix it all. It doesn’t.  I guess in my mind a wet kiss and a long embrace can heal any open wound. They don’t. The reality is, we as human beings are different; we think different, love different, deal with pain differently but somehow we always end up at the same vulnerable state. A state where all we want is that wet kiss and that long embrace.

I’ve been conditioned to keep a distance before words are flown. Be quiet before the face of angry quickly flashes to disgust. And the classic, keep your hands to yourself because black and blue doesn’t look great on my brown face….besides I don’t wear makeup. Not that with him it has ever reached that height but when anger strikes, it’s like fire. 

For me, love is my last stop in life because he makes me the happiest and happiness mixed with love is the greatest gift of all.

I love you. 


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