It’s Me

Maybe I am cold, alone and bitter. That would explain why sometimes I don’t feel comfortable in my own skin. Like everything that is apart of me doesn’t completely fit me but just sits there rotting, hoping to mold into my broken soul. Maybe I am unworthy of your love because although you loving me makes feel warm and fuzzy inside, it also leaves me wanting for more…more that is not defined by you or can be you but just something that fills my hole. It is me, not you. I am selfish and my attitude could make a whole village run in tears. I come with a lot of baggage. But all in all, the funniest part about this is, I questioned this ALL today, that’s why I wanted to talk to you. Questions like, is it there or do I place what I want to feel there to hold you captive? Apparently, you’re doing the same.

Finally, although it may have felt like one, it wasn’t a goodbye hug. To me, it was more of a cry of me wanting to give in to it all, me wanting to fight for whatever that remains of this is. Sounds utterly unbelievable right about now, right? You have all right to go, all right to feel empty because I’ve sucked it all from you, everything, every last drop.

Although these two words have been spat on, drenched and rolled over in its grave, I’m sorry but I know it’s me, it’s always been me or maybe it’s just us together.


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