Humor Me …. Please!

It’s funny how the way of life seems to curve it’s own way. I smile at the thoughts of you and how we’ve grown; physically, emotionally and well, everything else. I’m twenty now, not yet grown but old enough to understand a few more things in life; some of which I wish I never knew, others just fall in place and molds me.

The thoughts start, here with me sitting in a class where I don’t belong with a friend I’ve known since New York was originally my home.

I think of you and smile. Smiling a smile which leads to a strange figment of my imagination; a place made for only lovers.

There is a long story behind this humorous fantasy of mine.

Facts, such as, you don’t belong to me, nor do I to you but dammit a girl could only wish.

Oh these thoughts are wrong but humor me…please!

Suddenly I feel the urge to laugh, like someone is using their hands to pry the sound out of my body. Gliding their hands against my side and rubbing until I crack a smile.

Reading back on our messages gives me that feeling.

It feels amazing.

Oh my.

 I smile.

Until next time.


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