Love in the Morning

Another morning…she laid soundless in bed listening to the sky cry on her window. Her hands rubbed her eyes, her body feeling stiff and cripple. Last night was……fun, she thought with lack of better wording. In an attempt to stretch the remainder of sleep out of her stubborn body, she reached out to touch her phone; faintly recalling messages that were sent in an unstable mind. Was that a mistake?, she pondered loosely. With no reply she read her phone like the morning newspaper, checking messages and emails all at once. She stumbled across a sweet poetic gesture, a message from him:

I love you. You are my sun to my moon, the light in my darkness

and my sanity in a world if chaos. I dreamt a sweet dream and

woke to find that you weren’t next to me to send me back on my

way. And in that, broke my heart. I vow, from this day forward,

to do all that I can do to make you my own and I yours. To call

you my wife.

Love….love spoken from the heart is the best way to speak it. With that, she sighed. What a great start to my day, she thought.


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