It’s Morning

It’s morning. My canopy meshed cover bed surrounds me. The sun peeks it’s way in my room, through the mesh, trying to touch my skin but fails by a few inches. I swift slowly, unwillingly punishing my body to do as I command. There, right there, the sun reaches my skin and I smile a smile that doesn’t touch my eyes. It’s quiet but the birds outside my window chirp loud enough for me to hear them. Morning birds. I groan, trying to stretch all the sleep out of my system. Shake it off!, my thoughts scream.  Managiang to get to my feet, stumbing down the stairs of our duplex apartment. Mommy made breakfast. Aki and saltfish, my favorite. My nose fumes with scents flled with joy, tagging along memories of my childhood. We gather around the dining room table, asking God for his grace, and dig in.


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