You Are Mine

She bites her lip and rubs her hair against his chest. He feels smooth, like a cloud would feel if she ever could feel one. Her finger tips trailed along side of his chest, as if she was marking all that was hers, he laid still allowing her to claim him. Her nose nuzzled into his flesh, taking in his distinct sweet scent. Her thoughts slowly faded, leaving only thoughts of what existed before her. Her wanted her, needed her; only her. His fingers curled into her hair; tugging her neck back far enough to allow his lips to meet hers. Love. Lust. Passion. Their touch felt like fire, was fire. Their bodies hummed tones of sinful seduction. Her tongue rubbed around her lips, wetting them enough to kiss him again, with deepened passion; claiming what was hers. She is his. He is hers. 


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