Don’t Run, Face It / You Can Bear It

It’s a shame that I feel this way, truly it is but I’ve come to realize that sometimes we have to feel bad to feel so much better in the end. I thought to myself a little earlier that, I pray that my loving you, doesn’t go in vain. This little prayer I whispered to God above in regards to the man who holds my heart so firmly next to his own. I want this love I have for you to sustain passed all entirety; even after we past through this wicked world, our love, will carry us through to the heavenly of heavenly’s and will empower us thereof. I love how my mind pieces thoughts together into a stories, sometimes even into rhythmic  poetry.

People tend to think that they can run away from certain things but I stand as a witness to say you can’t run too far for too long. Be mindful this is just me trying to ease my mind with clean thoughts. Sometimes we all have to think about how we got where we are today, why we traveled this distant; for instance if were running from something or someone and also who is to be blame for all our pain. It’s never answered by itself, an answers takes time and work just like any other thing dealt with in this world. I always tell myself that you can’t fix a broken doll without all the pieces and sadly it is true. It’ll never be the same again, not because we won’t allow it but because you tampered with it in the first place and now you don’t know how to fix it. That goes for almost everything in life.

Just remember never to run from your problems. Even though it may look as if it may kill you, remember that God will never give you more than you can bear and I know you can bear it.


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