Sweet Dreams

I’m lost in thoughts, as I am every night but tonight is different; tonight I’m lost in something else, feeling something else but I don’t know what it is. Honestly, I can’t explain this feeling but I believe I’ve felt it before. Or have I? I vented to you, hoping to receive something I foresaw to never exist but a girl can dream. Sometimes I wish things were different, that you knew me well enough to read between the silence and hear the pain through my words and sometimes you do but not always. I hate just saying it, feeling weak and knowing that you wouldn’t be able to solve every problem. Oh well, so I lie with a heavy chest and now as tears well in my eyes I refuse to cry but I try to find the reason of why everything doesn’t make sense to me right now and with no luck I stare into the darkness hoping you answer my questions; the ones you half listened to ten minutes ago.  We both know that’s never going to happen, why bother? This is why I have you, my writing, because with each word, each sentence and each punctual function, I feel better. You are more dare to me than the people I’ve learned to love sometimes and I appreciate you so much. With that I rest my head and hope to dream of angels who guide me through the light and towards my peace. Sweet Dreams.


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