Happy Anniversary

She sat quietly in the corner of the dimmed room, as if she was filled with filth or smelled of a unpleasant odor, he stared at her in utter disgust planning sicking ways to disposed of her like garbage. He pierced his glares at her with anger, frustration but no guilt. Afraid and tormented she tried to run but only in her thoughts because her body wouldn’t dear to move an inch. No guts. She didn’t know what to feel, her crimson thoughts lead her into self-destruction, preparing herself for what was yet to come. No longer was it hate, it was far past that. That day he changed her life, that day, he became her enemy. Today was merely just a memory of the anniversary when it all started. She remembered it so vividly. Today was the day, he changed her life.



  1. revenge by: Anonymous I don’t know if you will read this, I hope you will. I typed “why life is unfair” and here I am, by chance, having the same questions as you and as some of the people who answer your message.I know what it is to hate your life and to feel hopeless I wish that just by telling you pretty quotes your life will change, but I know it won’t nor all the messages that you read. I can truly tell you that the answer is within yourself, stop reading messages, or reading books. Listen to your own mind and heart. find your own motivation ( Whatever that is) and use it as fuel when you are feeling down. Life is life, it may be overrated, it is unfair, it is beautiful, dark, and shiny, boring and interesting, it’s your choice. I don’t think there is a god, and religion is such a waste of time, the best revenge to this fu….ed up life is to live well and be happy in the midst of it all. Prove to all your relatives, friends, haters, that you are happy, even if you fake it, it will become a habit, your thoughts can be changed the rest will follow. The best of luck.

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