Smiling Hearts

This morning I woke up in pain, physical pain that spiraled from simply being a female human being. Beyond the pain I found some sort of peace, peace within our relationship with just a glimpse of him and a reflection on our relationship. The enemy has been pushing against us; trying to pull us apart and divide all that we believe but our love outweighs all that comes against us. It amazes me, honestly it does, on how just by looking at him I feel so at ease. For a few seconds I forgot about the pain residing in the pit of my stomach but I focused on him, on us and our future. As he walked passed my room towards the bathroom, I caught the best glimpse of him, just him, the natural grumpy loving him and my heart literally smiled. I love him more than sometimes I envisioned possible and despite all that is being said about us and to him (and others), I will forever love him as long as he loves me because I deserve to feel this.

Everyone has someone for them. With love, you can win any battle, for a battle without love is a losing one.


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  1. Sometimes I dance in tears for those of my loved ones who are waiting for me in Heaven as I think of how much I miss them & love them. Yet I dance on… the endorphins kick in, I become more & more grateful – with a heart overflowing… and my pain leaves this body, which of course causes me to be even more grateful!

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