Prayers from Silent Hearts

Good Morning my heartaches and pains, I haven’t missed you.

I woke up feeling like I’m missing something but I have no reason to go find it anymore. That’s life right. When we choose to let go of things, little parts of which we hope to let go of stick on like sore thumbs.

It’s Thursday. My mind is jumbled like a Monday but my body wishes to be free like a Friday or Saturday. I want to live, laugh and continue to love the right people in the right moments, for as long as God will allow me to.

It takes time right? Time is like crack for the druggies and sun for the vampires but regardless if it’s needed or not, it still goes on.

Thank you God for another day. For another hour to praise who you are. God, please grant me peace, security, and among a lot of other things, a clear mind. Cleanse me, mold me, hold me and keep me under your blood. Amen.


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  1. I hear you! by: kay Hi im kay, im 29 years of age, and have always been able to see auras from a very young age, and i just knew things about people then it would be confirmed as true at some stage. The feeling you have in your back is what led me to this, I googled what had been happening to me, and this has been going on for a month since my mum passed away, ive been asking my angels for the strength to get through yet another tough time, as i lost my dad too just four years ago. sounds like your absolutley right about someone reaching into your back, i get it on the right hand side and its not painful, but you know someone is there, almost as if they are reading your thoughts, I almost gave up on my beliefs, with all the bad luck ive had, but I never could give up really, It’s just not me to do that. Im so glad I found someone else who shares this as ive looked it up so many times to see if its a medical condition but theres nothing.

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