Friends with History

Do friends with history really work?

It’s over, said by him; felt by me but somewhat oblivious to the world we live in. I remember believing that people fight to make things better but I recently found out that fighting only leads to deeper frustration and, well for us, destruction.

A friend of mine said to me he felt sad; sad because we were the heart of our group with the compassionate relationship. It touched me but the feeling didn’t last for long because he was just an outsider looking in, not knowing what was said and done within the circle.

No relationship is spotless. Unless you are God Himself, you are not pure and holy and your flaws will stick out like sour apples on a hot sticky day. I just don’t know anymore.

We know right from wrong. We know what we need to do but doing it just feels as if we aren’t thinking it through.

By us being friends, foes, or lovers, will not change our history; it will only add-on and create new memories.


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  1. To be frank, I really came here out of a huge need to tell someone my problem. I enjoy reading the other topics and may start to post my 2 cents in them also. I’m really just looking for opinions. I am willing to take any sort of positive reply for keeping this going. Like I said, I’m well aware that this is a no go area as far as relationships go….but…. and theres always a but…I can’t stop the thoughts. I can’t tell anyone in the ‘real world’ so I’m here!! I’m curious as to what the ladies think.

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